This year we celebrate 15 years anniversary !

Our company is coordinating the purchase and sale process of eggs, egg products and egg packaging across Europe. We are supplying the biggest food companies, bakeries and noodle-fabrics with our products. Our liquid egg products are used in the finest bakeries in Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Spain, Baltic States, Scandinavia and France. Our main activities are handling with our own products:


Our products

Eggs and egg products:

  • eggs ( sorted/unsorted )
  • eggs for industrial use

Egg products:

  • liquid whole egg
  • liquid egg yolk
  • liquid egg white
  • whole egg powder
  • egg yolk powder
  • egg white powder

(* All products are certificated. Product specification available. All liquid products are available in tankers. Quantity of 1 tanker – 25 tons )


  • 10 – egg cartons
  • 30-egg trays (15/17/20 Lbs )
  • corrugated carton boxes for packing of various goods
  • euro-pallets


  • Egg products ( liquid and dry ) for pasta, biscuit and cake industries.

  • S, M, L, XL brown + white shel



Our partners are located in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia.


If You want to buy the mentioned products or join to our business, please do not hesitate to contact our company. Our managers will give You a clear overview of supply and demand of eggs in European countries, our assistants will consult You, the sales department- prepare the business-offer. Regarding cooperation feel free and contact our sales department in Lithuanian, English, German, Polish or Russian language. We hope to hear from You soon and join to our business!

Contact us:

Vytautas Giraitis (General Manager)
Import & Export +370 6 55 22 882
E-Mail: info@ecbaltic.eu

Jurate Giraitis
Sales +370 6 86 99 755
E-Mail: info@ecbaltic.eu

Accountant +370 5 263 55 33

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